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Game States

In this lesson we add an introduction state and a game over state. Both of these states in the version I create are very bland. I'd love for you to add some more Sprites and animate them as part of the screens. This really adds to your the feel of your game.

Tutorial Lessons

Top Down Driving Game

Top Down Driving Game
Back to Arcade Games 0% COMPLETE 13 LESSONS
1 Drawing the Road 24:47
2 Animate the Road 33:19
3 Create Your Car 20:59
4 Adding Enemy Cars 14:30
5 Collision Detection 10:41
6 Game States 17:15
7 Extensions 5:00
8 Randomly Positioning the Enemy Car 3:46
9 Adding Sound Effects and Music 16:28
10 Scoring 5:11
11 More Enemy Cars 14:40
12 Pickups 16:19
13 Speed 4:20

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Julian Rowse

Julian Rowse Posted 4 months ago