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Tasman Carre

Tasman Carre Asked 1 year ago

Dear Mr. Plumb,

I am writing to you because I have a question: Can you import the 'matplotlib' module into pyangelo? I am using this module for my graph making software, here is the code I tried using:

# importing the required module

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# x axis values

x = [1,2,3]

# corresponding y axis values

y = [2,4,1]


# plotting the points

plt.plot(x, y)


# naming the x axis

plt.xlabel('x - axis')

# naming the y axis

plt.ylabel('y - axis')


# giving a title to my graph

plt.title('My first graph!')


# function to show the plot


Hope you could get to answer my question sometime.

All the best, Tasman Carre

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 1 year ago

Hi Tasman,

Sorry, at the moment PyAngelo does not support the matplotlib library.

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