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Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin Asked 2 years ago

i can't upload files it only says "you must upload files from the Pyangelo website!" how to fix 

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 2 years ago

I would suggest you refresh the page. This usually fixes the problem. It is caused because your session has expired which means the webpage has been open to long.

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Thoughts on this question

Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin Posted 2 years ago

i can upload some audio files but not others, why

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 2 years ago

Hi Jimmy, there is a limit on the size of the files you can upload. The maximum size a file can be is 8MB.

Daniel Zhou

Daniel Zhou Posted 2 years ago

Is there a limit on canvas size, ie. is a 2800x1600 jpg too big?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 2 years ago

Hi Daniel,

There is no technical limit but if you make it too big you won't be able to see the entire canvas on the screen.

Ashvini Boppana

Ashvini Boppana Posted 4 days ago

I've refreshed, opened a new tab, and made sure my music file is under the limit yet it's still not uploading?

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